We have answered some of our guest's frequently asked questions here:

What type of resort are you?

Our resort is peaceful and remote. Guests come for quietness and an escape from the crowds.

Swim in the warm waters of the Arabian Ocean. Float in our still sweet-water lagoon, where river meets beach, take a dolphin-sighting boat trip, enjoy a massage. Delight in a candlelit dinner on the balcony of your beach cottage. Sleep peacefully to the sound of the waves.

I hear you have a peace policy?

Yes, we like to keep the resort quiet, so guests can relax. Parties or music in guest rooms or on balconies is not permitted. Please use headphones if you want to listen to music, movies etc., especially at night. If you want shops, nightlife, entertainment, parties or music, our resort will not suit you.

We may play some soft music in the restaurant at times.

Please respect our policy for keeping Cola Beach quiet. Guests who disturb others will be asked to leave. Most of our guests are here to enjoy peace.

Do you have phone network and wifi?

Phone reception and wifi are limited at the resort due to our remote location.
You may need to walk up the hill a bit or up the steps to the carpark to make/receive phonecalls.
Free wi-fi is available, but do not expect it to be superfast, or constantly available. The wi-fi signal does not reach all rooms, you may need to go to the bar/restaurant area to pick up better wifi signal.
Internet speed generally varies from around 710 Kbps to 2.2 Mbps. A recent speedtest from a Deluxe Cottage showed uploads of 0.08 to 1-2 Mbps, and download of around 5 Mbps. There are occasional powercuts in the district, during which internet will not work.
Please complete important calls or online work before you reach us.

Where is the resort located?

See maps and travel directions.

How do we reach you?

The nearest airport, bus and train stations to Blue Lagoon are listed on our location page. We can arrange taxi transfer from airport, bus, train and local villages. If you are  driving yourself please follow our self-drive travel directions.

How do I get down the track?

There are two carparks, one at the main road in Cola Village by the State Bank of India. One at the resort itself.
You can drive down the track if you wish - many cars, two wheelers (motorbikes/scooters) and taxis come down safely everyday - and park at the resort.
Less confident drivers or people with lower-ride cars are advised to park at the main road and we can send a track taxi to meet you. This also gives you an opportunity to see the track for yourself, and if you wish you can always drive your car/bike down the next day.
If it is your first time to Blue Lagoon, do not attempt to drive down the track at night (after dark). Try to reach us in daylight hours, or book our track taxis. Our returning guests often drive down the track in the dark, but for first-timers it will be difficult.

Why don't you improve the track?

The peacefulness at Cola Beach is special. If we improve the track, too many people will come. The bumpy last mile is the price we pay to keep our resort peaceful and less crowded.

What is the check-in time?

Check-in time to your room is 12 midday.

Guests are welcome to arrive earlier than 12 midday to enjoy the restaurant and beach before room check-in time.

Free luggage storage is available at reception.

If you do arrive before 12 midday, please tell staff which room you are waiting for, and if it is ready for you earlier, you can go straight in. We cannot guarantee this though, as it depends on the previous guests.

What is the check-out time?

Check-out time from room is 11am. After you check-out, you can continue to enjoy the restaurant and beach until you leave. Free luggage storage is available.

Can I check-in late at night?

Yes, but if you are arriving later than 6pm, you must tell us in advance. If you are coming by taxi at night, you must use our taxis only. The resort is difficult to find at night, and outside taxis may get lost, charge you too much, or leave you a mile away at Cola Village, rather than bringing you down the track to us. Our taxis will bring you the full way to the resort at any time of day or night and for a competitive and fixed price.

When are you open?

Blue Lagoon Resort opens just after monsoon, usually in the first week of October. We close just before monsoon, at end-April or in mid-May, depending what the weather does!

What will the weather be like?

October and November are generally hot and sunny, with warm nights and some showers or mixed cloudy days as the monsoon departs. Towards the end of November it gets hotter, sunnier and less humid, and because of the clear skies the nights get a little cooler. In December it is hot, dry, sunny, around 30C daytime, and a few night may drop below 20C, but only for a few hours. In January, February, March, the days are 30C and over, and the nights are warmer than in December. From March onwards, it begins to get more humid, and by April we may start to see a few early monsoon showers, but this changes year to year.

Is there anything special I should pack?

There are no shops at Cola Beach. The restaurant is open from 8am to 10pm.

  • If you are arriving after 10pm, bring any overnight snacks you need - particularly if you have children with you.
  • Headphones, if you want to listen to music/movies at a volume that may disturb your neighbours. We have a peace policy and we request that all guests respect this and keep noise levels down.
  • Torch for the occasional powercuts we get in Goa.
  • A warm top for cooler nights.
  • Mosquito repellent - though there are not too many mosquitos on Cola
  • Beach and swim wear - sunscreen, sunhat, sunglasses, swimming costume, flip-flops (the sand can get hot!) and more protective shoes (e.g. runners/sneakers) if you plan to go on hikes.
  • We are a quiet resort, our guests usually come to relax. Bring books, painting or writing materials, camera. Our wifi is not superfast or super-reliable - if you plan to watch movies on your laptop, make sure to download them in advance.
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