Directions and roadmaps are available below for guests travelling to us from the north (Panjim, Margao) and from the south (Agonda, Palolem, Chaudi).
On the maps, follow the blue road until you get to Cola Village.

(Do not confuse Cola with Colva - Colva is another beach over 30km north of us.)

When you reach Cola Village, take the unsurfaced red track (description below) that starts behind the State Bank of India - this is a bumpy track, about 2.4 km / 1.5 miles long. If you don't want to drive down the track, you can park at Cola Village - there is a big parking area there. We can pick you up from there in a track taxi (more info below), but you need to order that in advance. If you drive down the track, there is more parking right above the resort.


We have free parking in two places.

Parking at Cola Village

You can park at the main road in Cola Village by the State Bank of India. There is a large parking space here, at the entrance to the track. If you want to park here, you will need to pre-book our Track Taxi to meet you there and take you down the track to the resort (4-seater is 500 Rs, 6-seater is 600 Rs). Be sure to tell us in advance what time you might need the track taxi at - we need time to coordinate them for you.

Parking at the resort itself

If you drive down the track from Cola Village, you will reach the second carpark at the end of the track above the beach. Walk down some steps and you are in the resort.

The Track

The last 2.4 km / 1.5 miles to Blue Lagoon is down a bumpy dirt track, which is narrow in places. There is a small sign for "Cola Beach" on a lampost where the track starts. The track is shown on the maps below. There is a car park at the end, above Blue Lagoon Resort. Steps lead down into the resort from there.

It can be hard to find the turn for the track in the dark. The track is not lit at night. If you are arriving at night you must tell us in advance so we can help you get here.

We have many cars, taxis and two-wheelers who use this track everyday. Whether or not you want to drive on it depends on your confidence and your car. If you do not want to drive down the track we can send a track taxi to meet you at Cola Village. You can park by the main road at the Cola Village Panchayat Office / State Bank of India and we can arrange a track taxi to the resort (500-600 INR).

Let us know if you might need this service so we can coordinate it in advance.

From the north - from Margao / airport:

Take the coastal road south via Chinchinim, Betul and Cabo de Rama. Shortly after Cabo de Rama you will reach Cola Village. Landmarks: look for the Panchayat Office (local government office) and State Bank of India (SBI) on your right. Immediately past SBI, turn right onto the red, unsurfaced track that goes behind the buildings.

Road map for guests coming from the north

Map of track to Blue Lagoon

Satellite photo of Track to Blue Lagoon

From the south - from Chaudi / Agonda / Palolem:

Take the road from Palolem to Agonda. Do not turn into Agonda - stay on the main road. After Agonda, DO NOT take the track on left marked "Chattai Yoga"... this is the wrong track, although your GPS might tell you to take it. Stay on the main road and keep driving north. You will reach Cola Village about 15-20 minutes / 10km after Agonda. Landmarks: look for the Panchayat Office (local government office) and State Bank of India on your left. There is a small sign on a post saying "Cola Beach". This is where the correct track to Blue Lagoon is. Turn left here, onto the red, unsurfaced track.

Roadmap for guests coming to us from the south

At Cola Village, turn off the main road onto the track that goes behind State Bank of India.

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