Shortcut Track

Coming on Scooter/Bike/Hiking

As an alternative to using the main track, if you are hiking to Cola Beach or coming on two-wheeler, you might prefer to take the shortcut track – as long as your bags are light and easy to carry!

The shortcut track is shorter and straighter than the main track, but it leaves you further from the resort than the main track. You have to walk down over 100 steps from the hill onto Cola Beach. We do not suggest you try it at night.

If you are hiking, wear good shoes and bring water, suncream, sunhat and sunglasses.

The shortcut track starts just north of Agonda, almost opposite Sunshine restaurant marked on Google Maps:

From there, you turn down the track to Hill Top:

It is worth taking the time to see the beautiful views from the cliffs in this area.

From Hill Top you hike down the long steps onto Cola Beach.

You can park scooters/bikes near Hill Top.

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